The contrast – a story about two professors

I am attempting to catch the essence of what she is illustrating. The chart shows how Old English changed and developed into Middle English. How the words in late Old English period started loosing their inflections. A slight noise intrudes. What is it? I look out of the window, the sun shining, the colour of the trees seems to have changed a bit, a trace of green. It is quiet, even the birds are taking a break on this early spring day in April.

A two-hour retreat – the cafe culture


Strangely, or should I rather say coincidently, many of the previous posts were written in one or another cafe, cafes of different kinds. Vintage cafes with a nostalgic touch, stylish ones with prime focus on minimalism, cosy ones with homely atmosphere, exotic taverns on the seaside, where people spoke a language I have no knowledge of, Greek or Spanish.

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The window of the old house

The window of my bedroom faces that huge wooden house which is said to be on the National Register of Historic Places. It must have gone through both WW1 and WW2. What happened to the people living in the house during the wars? Who were they? Did they have a good life, for the most part? Any tragedies happened to these families?

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