Patti Smith and my sickbed


I crawled into a sickbed and was then wheeled into a hospital room where I would be waiting to take a few tests. It was quite embarrassing as I assessed my health condition to be stable. I was wasting the resource that could be useful and even crucial to genuine patients. A category I did not consider myself belonging to.

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The reconciliation – a story about Lübeck


So here I am, sitting in a cafe located in the Old Town of Lübeck, watching the people pass by, overhearing a language I have no knowledge of. Thinking. It is the result of a spontaneous act. Lübeck is not an island associated with fabulous sunset scenes, the deep sound of waves, and the wind that blows gently on the beaches in half-darkness. It is not like that. 

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The dream


A few years ago, I came across a postcard. The white cave houses surrounded by the turquoise blue sea, the glories of the blue domed church on the top of the cliff, and the beautiful sunset over the bay. Thrilled. It is a dream, is it not. A voice was whispering, let me be there, please. Let me feel the dream. It was when the longing started, so overwhelming that it hurt sometimes. 

Breathing deeply, I am attempting to absorb the scenes, and the magic. 

Bewildered, is it a dream? That voice is returning, an endless dream it says, it will embrace you, always. 




With love,

Isabelle ❤️

Santorini Greece,  July 2018

That moment

This is a delayed post, a moment captured on Thursday, 24 May 2018.

When I was walking up towards the kindergarten, I could see some children waving at me enthusiastically from the sandbox. My little son William was among them. I noticed his shy smile, a rather reserved expression. He was proud, was he not? My visit was not unexpected as it turned out. They knew they were going to have a very special reading time, a beautiful story about a crocodile named Clyde, told by the mother of William, written by her lovely blog friend Suzanne.

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