When going skiing is not an option in winter

It has been snowing heavily for days now, the city is literally drowned in the snow. Ideal for people who are keen on winter sport.

Most Norwegians have a passion for skiing. The quote “Norwegians were born with skies on their legs” is deep-rooted in the Norwegian culture.

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Some winter thoughts

One of the hardest things for me to handle in the winter months is to get up in the morning. It is all quiet. From the dark sky, the moon is looking down to my tired face. No birds singing, no smell of freshly brewed coffee and croissants, no lively conversations from the neighbours who usually sit in their terrace or garden in the summer mornings.

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Life is about balance – in memory of a genuine friendship


Life is about balance. It is his life motto. A true friend. I have lost a friend I never met.

One day in early December, I was asked to define what a genuine friendship was and ended up sending him an awful long list with all my thoughts about a friendship characterised by this quality – being genuine. An email of considerable length reached me shortly after, with a detailed description of how he interpreted the same concept. Continue reading “Life is about balance – in memory of a genuine friendship”

Last night in Tenerife


They eventually fell asleep in the car, which is parked on the side road. I cannot wait. Pushing the door open slowly, I am immediately embraced by the fresh air which feels a bit chilly at this time of the day. I am walking straight to the beach. A proper farewell is needed, as if I am adding an ending to a good film which has lasted 7 days. On my last night in Tenerife. Continue reading “Last night in Tenerife”

The place where my soul belongs to

So I’m here again, sitting on the soft sandy beach and facing the sea. The longing eased, the thrill is back. The same sound of the waves, pushing back and forth. It’s my home. For some unexplainable reasons, it seems to be where my soul belongs to. It’s just the feeling, yes, it’s all about the feeling. The feeling of coming home. Continue reading “The place where my soul belongs to”