That moment

This is a delayed post, a moment captured on Thursday, 24 May 2018.

When I was walking up towards the kindergarten, I could see some children waving at me enthusiastically from the sandbox. My little son William was among them. I noticed his shy smile, a rather reserved expression. He was proud, was he not? My visit was not unexpected as it turned out. They knew they were going to have a very special reading time, a beautiful story about a crocodile named Clyde, told by the mother of William, written by her lovely blog friend Suzanne.

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A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever


Her heart was beating fast as she swiped the card. It was a considerable amount. The dark-blue velvet box was wrapped in carefully with silver gift paper. The movement of the fingers was flexible and gentle. The woman in the jewellery shop knew how to treat items of this kind.

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The contrast – a story about two professors

I am attempting to catch the essence of what she is illustrating. The chart shows how Old English changed and developed into Middle English. How the words in late Old English period started loosing their inflections. A slight noise intrudes. What is it? I look out of the window, the sun shining, the colour of the trees seems to have changed a bit, a trace of green. It is quiet, even the birds are taking a break on this early spring day in April.

A two-hour retreat – the cafe culture


Strangely, or should I rather say coincidently, many of the previous posts were written in one or another cafe, cafes of different kinds. Vintage cafes with a nostalgic touch, stylish ones with prime focus on minimalism, cosy ones with homely atmosphere, exotic taverns on the seaside, where people spoke a language I have no knowledge of, Greek or Spanish.

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